Student Spotlight: Diana Avila


gleghorn photo

Senior Diana Avila rehearses the band before competition in October. Avila is one of two drum majors for the Bison Brigade.

The word “multi-talented” can be described many ways. Senior Diana Avila is a perfect example of what it means to be a brilliant student and an accomplished member of society, juggling different roles throughout her days.

Avila is a member of the Spanish Club, Forensics Club, the National Honor Society and is also a trumpet player and a drum major for the Bison Brigade. In addition to all of that, she works at McDonald’s after school and babysits in her spare time.

“The hardest part is keeping myself organized,” Avila said. “Once that’s out of the way, the rest flows nicely.”

Even though the weeks get long and things get tough, Avila said she never lets anything stand between her and her goals. When there is finally time to breathe, she takes time to be thankful and feel pride in herself.

“I feel like I’m being productive,” Avila said. “It makes me feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile.”

Anyone who spends time around Avila cannot help but look up to her.

“Diana works hard and is able to pass her classes as well as keep a steady job,” senior Kaci Allen said. “That’s very admirable.”