Theatre students plan interactive prom


loep photo

Students rehearse for Awesome 80s Prom, one of their two fall productions.

One of the two productions theatre students have planned for this fall is an Awesome 80s Prom, which promises to bring a whole new style of acting to the community. The theatre class has been working very hard and rehearsing every day in class.

“This is the first interactive play, and the audience is encouraged to join, but they don’t have to,” director Jill Henson said. “I think we will bring back good memories for people and I really think the audience will have a good time. This is different because it is a show and a prom so the audience will dance and have refreshments. The actors will talk to them and include them in the play.”

I love theatre and I am so excited about performing in this play. I really hope that we put on a great show and do our best.

— Madison Rowan

This play is different than most of the plays that the theatre group has done because it is a decade the group has not focused on before.

“I am really happy about this play because it is different,” sophomore Gracie Davis said. “I like the older time period and style so I am happy that Mrs.Henson chose this play for us.”

The theatre class is trying to get the word out about their play.

“We are trying to spread the word about the play and encourage everyone to come,” sophomore Kassidy Bell said. “I believe that the bigger our audience is, then the better the play will be.”

The students are really looking forward to performing for the community.

“I am very excited about this play because I like older movies and such,” freshman Josalyn Taylor said. “Since this play is an older play I can really get into my part and it is right up my alley. It would be really great if our friends and everyone would come and watch. I think we are going to do great.”