Global Nomad students pair up with school from Saudi Arabia


menefee photo

Kendall Morales and Lilah Molina participate in an international video conference with students and teachers from Saudi Arabia.

Global Nomads is a program where schools from around the world partner up and spend time learning about students their age from different cultures. The purpose of the program is for students to gain an understanding of their peers and grow as global citizens. Since 1998, the program has reached out to over 1 million young people on all 7 continents and has allowed people to communicate with others. This is the third year for students here to partner with a school around the world.

The understanding these students gain of their peers in other countries is priceless,” adviser Melonie Menefee said. “Learning to understand one another is the only way we will ever grow together as global citizens.”

This year, the journalism students will partner with a class in Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and learn things about their country. Some of these students also participated last year with a school from Jordan.

“It was a lot of fun.” sophomore Lilah Molina said. “We were able to learn about their culture and their language.”

Currently Menefee is doing the training along with Molina and senior Kendall Morales, who will be student facilitators this year. The journalism students will start their participation later this month, and they are looking forward to seeing what the other school presents.

“It was very interesting interacting with the different cultures.” sophomore Nadia Garcia said.” And, at the end, they sang a song that was really pretty.”