Let the cooking begin

FCS classes make pickles and Amish friendship bread


neyland photo

Senior Jacie Jones cuts onions for the pickles she is making in class. The group will use their starter dough to bake bread next week.

The members of Food Science classes are learning how to make new foods. Food Science instructor Wendy Neyland has been teaching her students how to make pickles and Amish bread.

“I think the lab was very successful; they learned about the fermentation in pickles. Most of the students had never been taught this before,”  Neyland says. “I’m not worried about the bread. It usually turns out really good and most are happy with the product.”

There are groups of students working together on the Amish bread. It takes a total of 10 days to make the Amish bread and two days to make the pickles.

“The pickles are finished and they taste pretty good. It was very fun and simple to make the pickles,” junior Ryan Grant says. “My group and I have been working on the Amish bread since last Thursday. I really hope our bread turns out alright.”

Anxious students are still in the process of making Amish Bread. The groups of students are really hoping to have a success, but they still have a few more days to go.

“I am really excited to try the pickles I made and I think the pickles came out how they needed to,” sophomore Lilah Molina says. “Right now we’re making the starter for the bread, and Monday we’re gonna bake it.”