Everest is full of suspense

Everest is an intense movie, based on the events that take place in the book The Perfect Storm. A group of people, some experienced and some not, go on a climb up Mount Everest. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat while the characters go on a nerve-wrecking adventure, that unfortunately ends in tragedy.

Everest is a great balance of reenactment documentary and Hollywood drama. On a visual level, the production is very convincing. Every aspect is very believable, and in a way, terrifying. The acting is phenomenal and the story is told beautifully. It is a compelling story, set out to give the audience an epic experience, and I feel that was accomplished.

Overall, if you enjoy a suspenseful, moving film, Everest could be a movie you will love. The film captures a real-life tragedy in which Mother Nature plays both the hero and the villain. The production is solid and pulls you in, making you feel as if you, too, are climbing Mount Everest.