Art students create PSAs


Art II, III, and IV have been learning the principles of design through the process of making PSA (Public Service Announcement) posters to hang up around the cafeteria. Each student chose the topic they wanted to use with texting and driving, bullying, drug use and dropping out of school being the issues the students felt were the most crucial.

Sophomore Kassidy Bell works on her poster in art class.
Sophomore Kassidy Bell works on her poster in art class.

“It amazed me how many people were concerned that texting and driving was such an important issue,” art teacher Amanda Harter said. “It is definitely a big issue on our campus, so I was happy to see so many students trying to prevent it.”

The art students not only got to learn the principles of design through creating these posters, but they also were able to spread the word about how real and how dangerous these real-life situations actually are.

“While students are eating lunch, they’re seeing these messages,” Harter said. “The posters had to be quality enough to hang out for other people to see and use. These warnings aren’t coming from an adult. They’re coming from your peers. That’s one of the best things about it all.”