Wild carries a mature sound from a new artist

Troye Sivan is a 20-year-old musician and Youtube blogger. His first album TRXYE was a major hit, making it to number five in the Billboard 200. After so many hits and teaser, Sivan finally released his fourth EP, Wild, on September 4.

The EP consists of six Dream Pop and Electropop songs. There are only six on the whole EP, but together they showcase Sivan’s mature and inventive sound. The fact he can not only release a high-quality album, but run a successful YouTube channel while keeping up with millions of followers on Twitter is truly amazing. Certainly no one really expects the kind of sound Sivan produces from a Youtube blogger, but he has done it.

The songs on the EP are all about different stages of different relationships, with a totally unique and creative feel for each song. The EP is special, and listeners and fans can only hope that there is more of the same on the way.