Freshman builds computers


wedhorn photo

Freshman Josh DeVaney plays on his laptop during lunch.

Most people don’t really know how to fix a computer. Most people just call customer service to fix the problem. Imagine being able to solve the problem without having to wait hours over the phone. Freshman Josh DeVaney not only knows how to fix his own computer when something goes wrong, he loves to build computers.

“What got me into building computers was gaming,” DeVaney said. “If I wanted a better quality on my laptop, I had to do it myself”

DeVaney has been building and fixing computers since he was nine. He said that taking out and replacing the parts in a computer has helped him improve in his computer building. Sometimes other students ask him for help when their laptop is broken, but most times he doesn’t have time to fix it.

“Most of my free time I spend either playing video games or doing homework,” DeVaney said. “Sometimes I get a little carried away, and I will play video games non-stop”

Although he has a Chromebook, he still carries around his laptop. He uses it during his free time in class or when a teacher lets him use it.

“I prefer to keep my laptop around, because I like it better than the Chromebooks,” DeVaney said. “My laptop is bigger and I have it the way I like it.”