5 Seconds of Summer hits the big time

5 Seconds Of Summer is a pop/punk band from Sydney, Australia, that formed in 2011. 5 Seconds of Summer (aka 5sos or 5 Sauce) is made up four Australian boys: Luke Robert Hemmings, Calum Thomas Hood, Michael Gordon Clifford and Ashton Fletcher Irwin. Luke is the lead vocalist of the band and plays guitar, Calum does vocals and plays the bass, Michael does vocals and plays guitar and Ashton does some vocals and is the drummer of the band. In 2014 they toured with One Direction and became a household name. That summer they released their first hit single, “She Looks So Perfect”.

They released their first album, named after their band, in that year. The album is pop rock, personally I really loved the album. If I had to pick  two favorite songs off their first album they would be, Beside You and Good Girls. I really loved this album, and I could not wait for it to come out. I remember begging my mom to take me to Walmart to get it, and then on the way home we listened to it.

5 Seconds Of Summer just released three more songs: “She’s Kinda Hot”, “Fly Away” and “Jet Black Heart”, all of which can be found on their new album “Sounds Good Feels Good” coming out in October. Only four songs from their new album have been released, those songs are called: Permanent Vacation, She’s Kinda Hot, Fly Away, and Jet black Heart. I have listened to all four of those songs and I loved all of them, I can’t pick a favorite. I can not wait until they release some more of the songs, if they release more songs.

I can not wait until the album comes out. I will probably be begging my mom to let me buy it, like I did last time. Judging from the songs I have heard that are going to be on their album, this album will be great. You can pre-order 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album “Sounds Good Feels Good” now, and it’s available everywhere on October 23.