Twenty One Pilots to release new album


Slowly growing in popularity around the world, Twenty One Pilots is releasing new songs and continually growing in ratings. Almost two years since their last album release, Vessel, they have recently released two new songs, “Fairly Local” and “Tear in my Heart” part of their new album Blurryface.

    The music group is going on tour all around the world be able to satisfy the hunger of their fans. Their first stop on their worldwide tour is in Arizona on the 18, then going to many major cities in the United Kingdom. After United Kingdom they are returning to the United States to play in Ohio, California, etc.

Twenty One Pilots has release three albums in the past five years; the last one came out in 2013, and they are now adding to their collection with their new album Blurryface. The new album is debuting May 19 this year.

So far they have sold out almost all of their concerts months ahead of time. The new album is sure to be a hit.