Campus Chess Club approved by board


mcalpine photo

Senior Sergio Vazquez and junior Miryam Zapata spend their activity period engrossed in a chess game.

A new chess club started up earlier this year to give students who are interested in chess a chance to strategize and play with their peers while they improve their playing abilities. The school board approved the club last night; it will be sponsored by receptionist Amanda Whittlesey.

For a few new members, just learning to play at all is their goal for joining.

“I am very excited to learn how to play,” freshman Katie Houk said. “I think that chess is a good way to challenge my brain in different and complex ways.”

Playing chess is considered by many to be a dying hobby, and the chess club hopes to change that.

“I’m so proud to be part of the first chess club here,” senior Randy Salazar said. “I want to learn new maneuvers and actions in the game so I will be better at playing.”