Fall Out Boy releases new album


Almost two years after their comeback from hiatus, pop punk band Fall Out Boy is releasing their sixth studio album titled American Beauty/American Psycho.

“We wanted to make a record that was important to us, but at the same time, we have to fight on two fronts,” bassist Pete Wentz said when asked how their new album would compare to the five that preceded it. “Our legacy’s important to us, but we want to show people that you can play rock and roll in stadiums and amphitheaters and you can play music on those same stages that’s currently being played on the radio. And that’s a pretty hard thing to do.”

The band reunited back in 2013 after being on hiatus since 2010 and has since released their fifth album, Save Rock and Roll, and has now gotten American Beauty/American Psycho ready for anxious fans everywhere.

“I see it in the kids I talk to at shows; they love songs,” Wentz said. “It seems like a new generation is truly less tethered to one genre more than ever and that’s exciting to me.”

The four have a newfound confidence with this new record that they didn’t in the past.

“2015 is our chance to be bold,” Wentz said. “Music is so pervasive that people who I am sure wouldn’t have heard my band otherwise say they heard one of ours song in a stadium when their team was playing.”

Singles on this new album include “Centuries” and “Immortals”. The general theme is somewhat difficult to decipher, but gives off good vibes all around.

“This is a modern love story- coming together and unraveling all at once…,” the band said in a message on their official website. “We thought about where this all began but razing it and starting again. So we reached out to a kindred spirit in sebastiAn- from the past he mined some of the future. The mission is the heart pure and simple as it can be- distilled but never fragmented or disguised.”

With Fall Out Boy fans from all over the globe excited for this album, sales for American Beauty/American Psycho are predicted to go above and beyond previous albums’ sales.