Penguins bring back the Madagascar love


Finally, all of the Madagascar fans who secretly loved the penguins the most can get their fix as Penguins of Madagascar hits the big screen. This animation delight brings back the super spy team that shows how their friendship first began.

The penguins leave the circus from the previous Madagascar movie and go off to find a new adventure when they come face-to-face with their arch enemy “Dave” the octopus. They also learn of another secret organization called The North Wind; in the end they find themselves competing against each other to stop Dave.The penguins show another side to themselves when competing with the North Wind. Who will save the day? The Penguins, the North Wind, or a pairing of the two?

This movie is great for a family who wants to see some action and share a few laughs. This would also be great to just watch with some friends. If you didn’t enjoy the other two movies before this one, then you might not want to go and watch it. Being rated PG(mild action and rude humor), this film is especially great for children.