Taylor Swift changes focus with “1989”


A risky transformation from country music to pop music put Taylor Swift on top. Everyone needs to buy Swift’s new pop album, 1989, which has sold 1.287 million copies in it’s first week of release. No other album released in 2014 has sold more than a million copies, all year long. Taylor Swift is making music history.

Social media has boosted the 1989 hype incredibly. Swift used social media to invite fans into her home for a private listening party, she tweets and retweets her fans about buying her album, making everyone want to go buy it for her Twitter recognition. Her single, Shake it Off, definitely helped the hype as well for her new album; this catchy song has been in everyone’s head for weeks. Also, to encourage fans to go buy a physical copy of the album, she includes polaroid photos and extra songs exclusively at Target.

Swift’s new sound is exceptional. 1989 has everyone singing along and dancing, this album is going to be huge. With a world tour in her future, people are going crazy to see what kind of entertaining show the 7-time Grammy award winning will put on for her fans.