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Spare Parts gives heart-tugging look at struggles of underprivileged students

Based on a true story, Spare Parts, is a movie based on a school filled with undocumented and underprivileged students. Four unlikely students were recruited by their substitute teacher to join a robotics team. Because of a lack of funds to see the project through, the team starts looking for spare parts and asking for donations from the local businesses, which raises a mere $663.53. The small budget forces them to scale back the original design and to innovate in how the robot is constructed, but the group perseveres

The group of boys each faced personal problems that shaped them throughout the movie. The boys are outcasts, and their lives generate empathy. It left me a few times emotional or on the edge of my chair with the events they went through.

Being undocumented scares these teens because they have to be extra careful. Overall, I recommend watching this movie if for no other reason than it portrays events Latinos face with being undocumented or being underprivileged. Seeing a group of unlikely winners strive to come out on top is a bonus.