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Football sendoff pits seniors against juniors

The cheerleaders lined the hallways along with the students to send the boys off with a warm welcome into round one of playoffs, versus rice consolidated. The juniors and freshmen worked together to create a poster for the last week of the constant along with the seniors and sophomores.

“We have worked very hard on our posters each week,” Junior Saloni Jarawala said. “I think we deserve to win because of the many hours we have spent decorating and making our posters.”

The theme was Trample the Raiders. After the sendoff everyone went back to class and eagerly waited to hear who won the contest.

“We worked really hard on all of our posters, and not only did we do posters but we decorated the hallways too,” senior Josie Henson said. “Every home game we tried to come together as many days as we could to work on our poster and hallway.”

The juniors won the contest with their poster and won a trip to Corsicana to go to the movies and eat pizza in January.

“I was so excited to hear our name be called,” junior Jazzlyn Early said. “I knew then all our hard work was worth it in the end.”