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Student Spotlight: Kaline Martinez

Goal setting can be addictive. Senior Kaline Martinez knows this is true because she sets multiple goals for herself and sticks with them no matter how big they are. Being successful, making her parents proud, giving back to her parents and making money are just a few things that Martinez plans to do after graduation. To help make them happen, she stays busy building her high school resume and getting ready to use everything she’s been doing to her advantage on college applications. Right now, those applications are looming large for her.

“I take it day by day when it comes to managing my time,” Martinez said. “I also make lists and reminders to keep me on track.”

After having her junior year hijacked by the pandemic, Kaline is focused on getting everything she can out of her final year.

“High school has been a rollercoaster but not a boring one. It was a fun and emotional one,” Martinez said. “But I never regret anything that ever happened. It has been very fun and full of memories. I’m just ready to move on and start a new chapter in my life.”

Even though school is back in session, Martinez’s senior year hasn’t been typical. One of her main activities is dancing with the Bison Belles; while the group does perform each week, they have to work to meet social distancing guidelines and have been moved out of the stands and onto the sidelines in order to meet the district’s need to allow social distancing in the stands for fans.

“Covid hasn’t completely ruined much, it just limits what we can do,” Martinez said. “A lot of people like to whine, but I just remind myself that if we don’t do what they say it’ll only be worse.”

A busy school life means that Martinez needs some downtime, too. When she is not busy she skates, paints, sews, plays tennis and scrolls through TikTok and Pinterest. She mainly focuses on things that help calm her down.

“I like to stay busy, but when I am done being busy with school things, I like to do things I enjoy for fun,” Martinez said. “I mainly like to research about the business I want to start for cosmetics because it’s relaxing to plan everything.”

As for those college applications, Martinez has high expectations for herself. Her goal is to attend the University of Texas at Austin to major in Accounting or Business Management. She knows that getting in will be tough, and doesn’t plan on abandoning her goals even if she isn’t accepted.

“If I don’t get into UT, I just want to focus on getting into a college and being able to major in the things I want,” Martinez said. “I am willing to work with any college I get into so I have a future.”

UT is her top college, Martinez said, because when she visited the campus she instantly had the feeling of home. In addition, she knows it has one of the best programs in Texas to meet her future goals.

“I think Kaline can get into UT because she works really hard and has that determination,” junior Avery Hardin said. “She is very intelligent and would fit in perfectly there.”

Martinez is focusing on becoming a better person and improving herself. Focusing more on getting out of her comfort zone and doing things to help that, but also to not overthink or procrastinate.

“I do FCCLA, Belles, and Student Council to help improve on my communication skills and so I don’t panic in situations and not talk to people,” Martinez said.”I figured out that I actually love to speak up for myself and for the projects I have.”

With Martinez having trouble getting out of her comfort zone she still has those friends that she somehow managed to meet out of coincidence.

“I met Kaline at a birthday party and I immediately wanted to be her friend because she just had such a kind big heart and had the funniest personality,” sophomore Evana Lane said. “She is honest no matter what but she is very easy to talk to and to lean on. That’s what makes her such a good person.”

To express herself Martinez enjoys using photography and fashion. She lets those two speak for her and her emotions.

“I just like capturing the moments of how I feel and what I see,” Martinez said. “And I use fashion as a creative outlet rather than words.”