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Student Spotlight: Josie Henson

Most students are in high school for four years, but not sophomore Josie Henson. As of last summer, Henson decided to graduate early after her credits were messed up when she moved here, causing her to have a lower rank than what she’d normally have.

“I’m really excited I get to graduate with Josie because that means if we both go to Sam Houston like we want, then maybe we can be roommates,” junior Sydney Lebel said. “Josie is one of my favorite people ever; she makes me laugh all the time and is always so kind and caring.”

Not only is she graduating early, but Henson already has her future planned out. After graduating, Henson plans on going to Sam Houston State University to become a chiropractor for people as well as animals and to be a part of their rodeo team.

“I wanted to work with animals because I wanted to be a vet, but I realized I could be a chiropractor and work on both humans and animals and make more money,” Henson said. “I feel confident in myself and my future; I think I’m ready, and I’ll be with a bunch of people I know when I graduate.”

Aside from her educational successes, Henson is also active in school activities. She participates in cheer, volleyball, basketball, track, 4-H, FFA, NHS and rodeo.

“Josie is really good at the sports she does, and she is super-fast in track,” freshman Alison Bing said. “She’s really funny and a good person outside of sports and during sports.”

Despite being in so many school sports and clubs, rodeo is her favorite activity. She has been riding her whole life but started competitive riding four years ago.

“I love the sport,” Henson said. “I get to spend time with my family and friends, and I love the bond I have with my horses.”