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Bison track hosts meet

The Bison Track Team hosted a meet before spring break, wrapping up the week before the holiday with competition with several area schools. Due to the bad weather, all field events were canceled, but races ran as scheduled.

“I was disappointed because I was looking forward to competing where I had been practicing and also it would’ve been my first track meet to be able to compete,” senior Mollie Dittmar said. “To occupy myself, I helped make sure all events were running smoothly and moving hurdles on and off the track and supporting everyone in their events.”

The boys took home medals with them. Freshman Kyle Harrison came in 1st on the 400 M dash and placed 2nd on the 100 M dash. Track isn’t just individual events but is also team-oriented; junior Jordan Rogers, sophomore Ethan Williams, and freshmen Joseph Guzman and Gael Ortiz came in 1st for the 4×200 M Relay.

“For me personally, the track meet was great because it was my first time on a varsity relay and getting to place first was the highlight of it,” Ortiz said. “I’m willing to put in the work in order to increase my speed.”

The girls pushed through with all of their events. Sophomore Josie Henson came in 2nd in 100 M hurdles; all team relays were at the 3rd place spot. Although it wasn’t their best meet, the track team will work on improvement.

“In order to be prepared for the track meet, we have certain workouts for the days of the week; some days we did shorter distance like sprints and other days we did long-distance workouts,” Henson said. “The competition was very intense since I know people from other schools.”