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Gomez proves her worth

Selena Gomez has proven, yet again, to be a major force in pop with her third solo studio album Rare. This record is exactly what the music world needed- a gorgeous, dynamic sound with a refreshing energy that screams “I don’t need you because I love me.”

Released on Jan. 10, the 13-song album is making waves among fans and critics. The smooth pop record has R&B influences with fun beats and sleek, sassy lyrics. Rare also offers some variety. Some songs are total bops, made for dancing, while others are heartfelt, lyrical tunes.

This album has allowed Gomez to free herself from her heartbreak, emotional pain, and challenges with her physical health. It’s clear that she is strong enough to take on the world and have some fun while doing it.

I have no complaints about this album. Rare is hopeful, ruthless, and Gomez’s best album to date. Each song tells a tale of confidence and is all about losing love but finding oneself. This record is the perfect source of inspiration for some Instagram captions.

Gomez’s career began when she started acting in Barney and Friends in 2002. Since then, she has starred in Wizards of Waverly Place, a Disney television show, and multiple movies. Not only was she an actress, but she also broke into music. Gomez has grown tremendously from her 2015 album, Revival, and has made a graceful comeback.