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Student Spotlight: Mieka Whitehead

As flags soar throughout the bright lights, freshman Mieka Whitehead is head-on focused on staying on beat and not missing her cues.

“I got into color guard because of my sister,” Whitehead said. “I love learning new tricks and performing to the crowd because it has helped me with my confidence.”

Whitehead is involved in color guard and FCCLA; she said that she’s glad that both organizations happen at different times so she isn’t as busy. She’s glad that both activities help her step out of her comfort zone.

“She’s not as shy as she was at the beginning of the year; she has more confidence to speak up and give her opinion,” FCCLA advisor Amanda Harter said. “She has really changed.”

Mieka spends her spare time reading and watching anime shows on her phone when she’s bored. She wants to travel to Japan and experience the culture in person.

“I love my sister and her wild obsessions with anime and her wanting to travel,” sophomore Sedona Whitehead said. “I will support her no matter what.”

After high school, Whitehead is still undecided on where she wants to go but the anticipation awaits her. She does have an idea of working with animals in her future.

“I have no idea on where I want to go to college but I do want to stay close to home and work with animals,” Whitehead said. “I’m still unsure, but I know I’ll figure it out.”