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Lil Baby turns out improved sound

Lil Baby released a new album on February 28 called My Turn. The album has three songs that were released early: Woah, Sum 2 Prove and Catch the Sun. Woah became Lil Baby’s third number one hit on the Billboard Streaming Songs. Lil Baby rose in attention in 2017 when he released Perfect Timing. His best-known songs are Close Friends, Drip Too Hard, Yes Indeed and Woah. He says he took the past year off to improve, and he came back with a bang.

In My Turn, it’s clear Lil Baby’s technical skills have improved. His rap is powerful and agile in a way it was not in his pre-2019 projects. The emotional connection is strong, with him opening up his life before the fame and how those experiences still impact him today. The album features a stellar line-up: Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, and more.

Lil Baby uses his success to help his community. His inspiration comes from his hometown Atlanta. He’s made it his goal to give back to the community and teamed up with Reebox for a new campaign. He will be selling the shoes but will also give them out to his community.

His music is a good choice for anyone who listens to hip hop or rap music. I rarely listen to this type of music but when I do I like to listen to Lil Baby. His music has a good beat and good lyrics. I am most definitely going to listen to his new album. I hope it’s as good as the other music he has released.