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DIY: Galaxy Painting

Galaxy paintings are becoming a big thing on popular social media. Many people want to make their own but don’t know how or don’t think they can. The good thing about galaxies is they’re easy and simple to do. You only need five things: whatever you are painting on, a wide paintbrush, a cup of warm water, a toothbrush you don’t use, and of course your paint. 

When choosing your colors, try to go for colors closer together. For example cool colors such as dark and light blue, dark and light purple, a medium pink, and finally black. These colors will make a galaxy like the ones you see on the internet. I will also be using these colors to show you the process.


  • First, lay your canvas on a flat surface and get your paints, brushes, and cup ready
  • Second, grab your paint bottles and scatter all the colors, in lines, at random parts (minus white)
  • Third, once you finish putting the paint down, it’s time for the painting part. Pick any one of the colors and brush it out, but don’t go wide. Make sure every part that has that color is spread out. Also, try to keep the darkest colors on the outside.
  • Fourth, clean and dry your brush. Now, close one of the colors close to the one you just brushed. Brush it the same way but go to the border of the previous color on every part. This next part can get messy.


To get a cleaner blend, use one of your fingers and mix, in a circular motion, the spread colors borders. Once those two colors are blended, go onto the next color also by the first color. (Do this so when you mix the colors to the first, the original color isn’t dried)

Once you are done with that repeat the fourth step until each color is spread and mixed. Make sure that between colors you clean your brush. 

Now is the fun part: the stars. Put some white paint onto a paper plate, or something it can’t bleed through. Grab the toothbrush and lightly dab the bristle part into the white paint.

Hold the brush like a pencil with the bristle end down. Now put your pointer finger on the top and slide it down, this should make a mist-like splat on your canvas. Repeat this until it is evenly scattered. Once done with this, do the same but in a straight line through the middle of where most of the light colors are. 

Finally, make sure to sign your artwork, and you’re done!