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Student Spotlight: Zane Johnson

His hands shake a little before the first play. He calls the play then scans the field for an open hand and then makes a perfect pass to a teammate right at the end zone. Freshman Zayne Johnson is a quarterback for the junior varsity football team. In the spring, the nerves are back as he takes the mound as a pitcher for the JV Bison Baseball team.

“I work hard at practice and outside of practice because I’m chasing a dream to be the best I can be,” Johnson said. “You have to put in work to reach the goals you want.”

Johnson has a few outside-of-school hobbies like fishing and hunting. He is a member of the school’s newly-formed fishing team. 

“Zayne works hard at pretty much everything he does,” freshman Kannon Brantly said. “I’m glad to be able to call him my friend because he’s a great person.”

Johnson’s biggest motivation is watching NFL quarterbacks because he wants to be just as good as them or even better. He wants to continue to work hard to get to the top and be the best quarterback he can be. 

“Trust the process because better things will happen,” Johnson said. “I will get better year by year.”