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Bison wrap up district play, prep for playoffs

Buffalo fans made their way to Scurry-Rosser to celebrate another victory last Friday. The Bison are ready for round one of the playoffs on Friday, Nov. 15 at the Connelly stadium.

“I worked really hard these past few weeks because stepping up to quarterback gave me a big responsibility,” sophomore Catch Thompson said. “I love playing football it’s my biggest passion.”

Catch Thompson started off the game with a 23-yard run and then Jamal Randle took the ball and ran in an 8-yard touchdown.

“It was a great game,” senior Jamal Randle said.

Thompson made a 52-yard pass touchdown to Randle who ran it in. These two made many plays that night.

“Super pumped about making it into playoffs round one,” sophomore Abel Salazar said. “We have a good chance this year of making it far.”