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Spotlight: Addison Lathrop

Freshman Addison Lathrop keeps herself busy being involved in FFA, Student Council and cheerleading, but she lives for softball. She plays in a select team named Diamond Legacy and plays first and pitcher for them, but for the Lady Bison she is the primary pitcher.

¨I practice softball every day basically,¨ Lathrop said.  ¨I am always either at practice, games, or tournaments, but not all for school ball but also for my select team.¨

Lathrop´s hobbies consist of softball and makeup. She plays nonstop softball and loves trying out new things with makeup.

¨I like makeup because of the different creations you can make,¨ Lathrop said. ¨I don’t do it because I am insecure I do it because it is a way of expressing myself.¨

Lathrop has hit three home runs so far in the season and hopes for more.

¨I am really happy I hit those home runs; it feels so good,¨ Lathrop said. ¨I hope to hit many more because I love the feeling.

Lathrop plans to attend Tarleton University to play softball there and study to be a labor and delivery doctor.

¨I love babies so much,¨ Lathrop said. ¨I would love to work with them.¨

Her friends enjoy her sense of humor and can never get enough of her. In the halls, she is usually the student laughing loudest.

¨Addie has such a bright personality, and we always laugh with her,¨ freshman Josie Henson said. ¨It is truly never a dull moment with her.¨

She competes in floriculture and junior skills for FFA. Her teams have been doing really well in competitions.

¨I chose to do these because i thought they would be fun,¨ Lathrop said. ¨I wanted to try them out and they are really fun.¨