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OAP competes in district contest

The students load the bus with all of their props and costumes. Butterflies flutter in their stomachs as they arrive at the school where they will be performing. As the time begins to wind down and they prepare to present their play, nervous jitters shake through their bodies and excitement sets them into a frenzy. Last minute touch-ups are applied. Buffalo, you’re next. They make their way backstage. They set the stage. The lights go off and the curtains open.

The One Act Play cast and crew recently traveled to Teague High School to compete in the district OAP UIL competition. Seven OAP groups competed for one of the top three slots to advance to bi-district competition.

“I love competing in the UIL competition,” junior Andrea Daniel said. “This year was no exception.”

The OAP cast and crew has rehearsed pretty much every day since December. The play this year was titled Proof with themes of mental illness and math all throughout the play.

“We’ve worked nonstop on this play, making sure everything was perfect,” Daniel said. “The play only had four characters in it, so that made the play unique, I thought.”

The team did not advance to bi-district; however, several of the members received awards. Daniel received All-star Honorable Mention, junior Bailey Chase received All-star Cast and senior Jacob Patterson was awarded for All-star Crew.

“Even though we didn’t advance, I still had a lot of fun and I am very proud of our group,” junior Nishit Tailor said. “We worked hard, but had fun doing it which is why I thought we were successful despite the outcome.

The team is now looking to next year.

“Next year is going to be good,” Daniel said. “A bunch of us will be seniors next year and I just know it’s going to be so fun.”