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FFA members visit Capitol

From new members to alumni.

They all gathered from all over Texas to unite as one.  

FFA members from across the state converged on the Capitol for their annual FFA Day.

“I was really tired and excited to visit, meet people and get out of my comfort zone,” senior Ally Smith said. “This was my last time going so I made sure to make it the best one yet.”

The main purpose of the trip was to learn more about Texas history and how the house and the Senate work to form laws. They met with the Texas FFA State officers and heard a keynote speaker.

“I think the students took an amazing opportunity to travel to Austin and learn more about where they live and what FFA is really about,” FFA advisor Mikala Hall said. “I and the students enjoy the keynote speaker’s speech and everything else we learned.”

In the opinion of sophomore Asa Henson, the best part of the trip was traveling to the Capitol and experiencing the rich history of Texas as well as getting to spend time with the younger members of the Buffalo chapter.

“It was nice to see other members from other FFA chapters that I knew,” Henson said. “It was really great to experience this with fellow members as I really enjoy seeing advocates for agriculture out and about.”

After socializing with everyone at the capitol, the members made a pit stop to get a quick bite at an Italian food restaurant, Brick Oven, in Austin before heading home.

“Over the trip, I met a bunch of people and found more things that interest me,” freshman Reese Boyd said. “Going to a restaurant was a nice way to end the day after being at the Capitol.”