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Families will see themselves in family-building movie

Love. Laughter. Family.  

The movie Instant Family was released in theatres in November 2018 and became a hit movie for many. The film earned more than eighty-four billion dollars at the box office. Since its release, the movie has seen positive critiques pouring in.

The film overall shares the story of two parents, actors Mark Walberberg and Rose Byrne, who adopt three young children. The oldest is a teen girl named Lizzie, who the couple finds hard to manage at times; they also butt heads as they try to manage the craziness and loudness of the two younger children. This leads the family into becoming a very dysfunctional group, with the parents having to deal with the chaos of it all. However, the film also shows its sentimental side, as the chaotic family becomes a close and loving family through all the chaos and madness.

The combination of laughter and tears the film brings makes it a hit with viewers. The film showcases the reality of how families are – both chaotic and heartwarming. Viewers enjoy a variety of comedic relief and sentimental moments.

Instant Family is a heartwarming and comedic film that will lead viewers on a journey of a crazy, misfit family becoming a loving, caring, cohesive unit. Most viewers will see at least a little of their own family dynamic on the screen.