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“Arrow” sees villains come and go

A billionaire playboy suffers massive personal tragedy which turns him into a mask-wearing vigilante determined to protect his beloved hometown.  

Arrow is a tense action-adventure series that’s loosely based on a DC Comics story about a castaway survivor who returns to his hometown to make up for his past sins by taking revenge on the criminals who plague his city. Arrow has seen a lot of villains, storylines, and themes come and go. Almost every major character on the show has either been pretending to be dead, presumed dead, almost dead but replaced by someone from another earth … or just dead.

Arrow focuses on the humanity of Oliver Queen, and how he was changed by time spent shipwrecked on an island. Most episodes in the first five seasons have flashback scenes to the five years in which Oliver was missing. After Oliver’s flashback arc is completed, episodes starting season seven have flash forward scene twenty years ahead focus on Oliver’ previously unknown son William and aged protege Roy Harper, exploring Green Arrow’s legacy through them.