Check out Gone Girl on the big screen


Gillian Flynn’s thriller Gone Girl is being brought to life on the big screen. This thriller involves what seems to start off as a modern love that has gone toxic.

The story takes place in the suburbs of missouri where the main character, Nick Dane (played by Ben Affleck), comes home to find the house upside down, glass shattered, traces of blood, and his wife missing. Nick is accused of abusing and murdering his wife Amy Ben (Rosamund Pike) who has disappeared the day of their anniversary. With the police looking for her, their main suspect is her husband, who for some reason can’t answer basic questions like “who are your wife’s friends?”,and “what does she do on her free time?” Nick’s alibi does not help him whatsoever, either. After the interrogation, the police find Amy’s’ diary, in which she paints Nick as unfaithful and short tempered. The big question, still, is Amy’s fate: is she dead … or simply gone?

The movie is cynical, darkly funny, sometimes brutal, and very powerful. It is thoroughly entertaining, and will almost make you queasy with its dark scenes of ways in which a marriage can go completely wrong.

The final part of the movie is almost too twisty, but on the overall Gone Girl is an impressive and entertaining movie.