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Belles create gingerbread competition

It’s all fun and games until the Bison Belles have a gingerbread building contest.

This past week the Belles competed and had a little team bonding. They do this every year, but past years have had them painting pictures. They decided to switch things up a little by creating gingerbread houses.

“I liked painting pictures in the past,” senior Vanessa Ramirez said, “but this year was a lot more fun.”

The groups were split up by the ranks that they sit in during football games, with one officer in each group. One group only had one person, a manager.

“I was in a group by myself because the other managers were busy with their work,” senior Stefanie Trejo said. “Even though I was alone, I feel proud of my gingerbread house.”

The girls were excited to win the prize of fuzzy socks so that they can wear them and be comfortable.

“When Miss Isaacs told us about the prize, I was super-ready to win,” junior Sonia Martinez said. “I tried my hardest to help my group out any way I could.”

If the girls wanted to buy supplies on their own to help with the houses, then they could, but it had to be edible.

“At first I didn’t know that we could buy our own things,” senior Lupita Martinez said. “Once I found out, I made plans to go to the dollar store and buy as much stuff as I could.”

Trejo might have worked on her own with no help, but she won first place. In second was Iveth Molina’s group, and Lupita Martinez’s group came in third.  

“I was happy to find out that my group won second place,” Molina said. “I had a good group. We had a lot of fun.”