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Shawn Mendes creates moving album

The pure-hearted soul known as Shawn Mendes released his third album on May 25, 2018, and fans went crazy over the beautiful melodies. His self-titled album is a mix of love and hurt with a touch of bass guitar. This self-titled album proposed a new way of creating music and a whole new era of music and touring.

Mendes started making covers on Vine and gained a following, later causing him to be signed by Island Records. He released a self-titled EP and the album named Handwritten in 2014, along with his second studio album called Illuminate in 2016. After a bit of touring, Mendes started writing his new album to be released this year. He started releasing singles along the path of writing the new album, including “In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan.”

“Do you got plans tonight? I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan and I, I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight. I can’t get you off my mind.” ~Lost In Japan

The album has basslines and piano solos which is terribly different in terms of the mood of the song. I chose my favorites mostly by the mood the song set and how well the lyrics flowed. The songs are relatable to a large variety of ages while also keeping clean and pretty. A few of my favorites for those reasons include “In My Blood,” “Perfectly Wrong,” “Lost In Japan,” “Mutual” and “Particular Taste.”

“You’re perfectly wrong for me and that’s why it’s so hard to leave. Yeah, you’re perfectly wrong for me.” ~Perfectly Wrong

I’d personally recommend this album to someone who feels that nobody can relate to their problems. If you feel the need to relate to someone through music, this album might be something you would be interested in.