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FCCLA carves pumpkins

Supergirl made her way towards the candy that was waiting for her across the lawn. As she stepped onto the porch, everything got darker and the crickets became louder.

Thump…Thump…tha-thump. Snap.

She quickly turns around and in the corner is a pair of yellow eyes. The door finally opens before she screams. She laughs because those aren’t monster eyes – it’s a carved pumpkin!

Last week, FCCLA members had the opportunity to travel to the First Baptist Church and carve pumpkins with the preschoolers.

“It was actually my first time carving a pumpkin,” freshman Emma Adams said. “So it was a first for me and my preschooler. It was a good experience to have and we had a really good time.”

At the gym inside the church, each high school student was paired with a preschooler. The members carve the pumpkins while the preschoolers were picking out the” brains”-the proper name of the fibrous strands and seeds.

“The little girls I got paired up with were completely opposite from each other but we had fun,”senior Vanessa Ramirez said. “I tried to get them involved the most that I could.”

To decorate the pumpkins,the kids told the FCCLA members what they wanted and tried to their best to resemble it. Students used carving pumpkins as an opportunity to get to know the preschoolers better.

“I think it kind of taught us to ask the kids simpler questions because they don’t comprehend stuff like us,”sophomore Sydney Lebel said. “Each kid got to take their pumpkin home after which was really cool.”

The FCCLA program works to have community service events every month of the year in order to learn the skills of interacting, creating relationships and communication.

“It’s always important for our school to have a presence in the community and this is one tradition that was started many years ago,” adviser Melissa Isaacs said. “The kids really to look up to these students and I’m always trying to find ways to do these kinds of activities.”