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Graves, Garcia crowned for homecoming

During halftime of the Homecoming game the Homecoming court was introduced, along with the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen. The bleachers were filled with smiling faces as the crowd cheered for Andrea Garcia and Peyton Graves, the 2018 Homecoming king and queen.

“When my name was announced, I felt shocked, but at the same time joyful,” senior Homecoming King Peyton Graves said. “Being Homecoming King only comes once.”

Garcia and Graves were traditionally crowned by the previous king and queen. There is always some sentiment in being crowned by old friends and acquaintances, but the Garcia sisters took it to a whole other level. Nadia Garcia, the previous queen, was able to crown her younger sister, Andrea.

“I got very emotional when Nadia crowned me,” senior Homecoming Queen Andrea Garcia said. “I’m usually not an emotional person at all, but it was a very special moment for me because I look up to her a lot, so I let out a tear.”

The Homecoming queen nominees were Tana Cleveland, Andrea Garcia, Sheri Donaldson, and Makayla Gilliam. The Homecoming king nominees were Colton Green, Peyton Graves, Hector Dominguez and Jarrett Fishbeck.

“I was really happy for Andrea,” senior Sheri Donaldson said. “It was really no surprise when she won.”

The Homecoming nominees were announced in October, along with the finalized dukes and duchesses.

“Having to wait for results felt the same way about having to wait for anything: exciting,” Graves said. “I couldn’t wait to find out who won.”

For some of the seniors, Homecoming was a night to remember, considering it would be their last Homecoming as BHS students.

“The entire night was very special,” Garcia said. “It was the last homecoming as students for the seniors, so I tried to soak in the moments as much as I could.”