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FCCLA holds book drive

Did you know that third grade is the last grade kids stop learning to read? After that they read to learn.

The FCCLA chapter is hosting a book drive from October 15-26. Boxes were placed in classrooms and the winning second period class will get a free breakfast of their choice.

“We decided to go with a unique prize this year in order to get students excited and have more participation from them,” senior LaSundra Robinson said. “Most times prizes have been a pizza party so we chose a second breakfast of choice instead.”

This book drive is part of a competitive event in FCCLA, Chapter Service Project Display led by LaSundra Robinson, Josalyn Taylor and Itzel Velazquez. The three girls came up with a literature program for all age groups for their chapter service.

“I think these girls have a lot of potential,” FCCLA advisor Amanda Harter said. “They came up with a project that I think will make a great impact in our community.”

FCCLA is accepting books for all ages and in all languages.

“The group is accepting a wide variety of books, both new and used,” Robinson said.  “If it has words on it, then donate it.”

The book drive was announced throughout the school and the community in various forms. ABC Printing Press made posters for the cafeteria, Harter posted information on Facebook, information has also been posted in the FCCLA google classroom and the girls have verbally informed classes during second period.

“We went out and hung many posters and made public announcements,” Taylor said. “I think with all of this we will collect a good amount of books.”

FCCLA plans to use some of the books donated to help preschool through fifth grade learn to read. They also plan to donate books to the public library and the senior citizen hall.

“This a unique idea that I hope will work out for the chapter,” sophomore Jorge Palafox said. “I hope we can pull through and the girls represent us well at contest.”