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Spotlight: Coach Carr

Rookie mistake!

First time teacher and coach Charles Carr made his first big mistake the first day of school. He didn’t know the lunch times, so he missed his lunch, but later on was able to get a lunch and eat during eighth period.

“Since I’m a rookie, I was unaware when lunch was or how it worked for teachers.” Carr said. “But Coach Stone was nice enough to get me a late lunch.”

Coach Carr teaches Algebra II and College Prep Math, is the defensive line coordinator and will be the junior high head boys’ basketball coach as well as the softball coach. He may be new to teaching, but he’s been a hit in the classroom.

“Even though I hate Algebra, Coach Carr always finds a way to make it fun,” junior Joel Avalos said. “I look forward to his class every day.”

Before deciding to be a teacher, Carr was in the Navy, a Schwan’s food truck driver, IT manager, and a pastor for twelve years. He decided to teach because he felt God was calling him to teach.

“I’ve known Coach Carr for a very long time,” coach Evan Stone said. “When I heard he wanted to teach I talked to him about job openings here.

Although Carr knew he was called to teach he was unsure about what exactly he wanted to teach.

“I was open for any suggestions or openings,” Carr said. “When I was presented with these opportunities, I gladly accepted. I like my job so far.”