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Former rapper Jahseh Ricardo Onfroy, also known as XXXTENTACION, was murdered. Even after his death his album ? has been #1, and went platinum.He released his the first chapter to his trilogy, ?, on March 16 2017 and was murdered on ????. His music still reaches top charts and will forever be carried. Before this tragedy, X had many albums that helped many people going through depression and emotional pain.

In every album the very first thing the listeners would see to introduce the album is an “Introduction (Instructions).” In this album, however, he says the listener needs to be open-minded, and the listener is entering his mind and feels his insanity. It is far more versatile and uplifting than the last album, something comforting and discomforting at the same time.

X had an amazing talent when it came to expressing his feelings and using convincing words. Most of the songs on the album have the same verses and are short songs. Throughout the album he goes from depressed, to angry, to persuasive, and even goes into latin dancing.

The album is missing some of the emotional impact that his past album 17 had. He has a good melody and rhythm to his voice and verses. His emotions that he puts into the songs are very touching and persuasive. He is an amazing rapper, inspirer, and a very successful young person. His albums are all very deep, he managed to help millions of teens and adults around the world with just music and lyrics.

This album is my favorite one of them all. It is everyone’s favorite giving the fact it has received the platinum award and is still trending on the top 10.