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Beyonce and Jay-z work things out in their music

Beyonce and Jay-z have had struggles in their marriage. Instead of going to therapy classes the artists worked out their problems through music. The couple released their joint album Everything is Love, with the name written by The Carters. In the album listeners will be able to hear very well-written interesting songs about African American culture and love.

The album shows how love can survive through tough times. As independent artists, they each have written songs about their marriage.  In the songs they describe their struggles. In Everything is Love, the songs show the same elements that were used in their other music.

In “Boss,” Beyonce says “I got real problems just like you.” She is trying to tell her fans that she and Jay-z are humans just like everyone else. They go through things that every married couple does, but they let others know about it through their music.

In the album a listener will be able go through their marriage and feel the good and the bad that has happened. In the songs, both artist use their talents to rap out their verses, as well as, sing. The songs have beats that are catchy with their use of different musical instruments.

This album is an good listen if someone is wanting to be apart of someone’s life through their music. Also, if a listener wants to play music with a good beat and message.