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Volleyball team moves through preseason play

Since the beginning of August, the Lady Bison volleyball teams have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming scrimmages, games, and tournaments. So far, the Lady Bison have competed in more than ten games.

“We have been working hard and preparing,” junior Mollie Dittmar said. “If we want a chance to win, we have to get in the right mindset and put in the work.”

The Lady Bison practice for more than two hours a day in order to prepare for their upcoming district games. This doesn’t include the extra time that some of them put in on their own.

“I like to stay after practice so that I can work a little bit more on me,” senior A’Sia Bradley said. “I want to prepare harder than anyone else.”

So far, the Lady Bison hold a record of 5-6. With district starting this week, the Lady Bison hope to not only win games, but also to become better teammates and players.

“Our main goal is to have better chemistry,” Dittmar said. “We also want to win, but winning is only fun when you have people to celebrate with.”