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Prom offers bevy of awards

Prom: the night so many little girls look forward to, and so many little boys dread. Girls spend hours (even days) getting ready; boys jump in the shower ten minutes before it time to leave.This year’s prom was no different, except for one thing: life skills students Angel Arriaga and Jordan Ward won prom king and queen.

The night of prom, the whole student body decided to vote the pair as prom king and queen, since they are both seniors.

“We all agreed that it would be something very special,” senior Taylor Lack said. “When Ms. Bailey called out their names, both of their eyes lit up so much. We knew we did something right.”

Plenty of other awards were still there for prom-goers to get. Junior Daniel Rodriguez won ‘class clown’ and junior Megan Wedhorn won ‘most likely to be a cat lady.’ Junior Kenzie Ryder and senior Seth Daniel got ‘prettiest eyes.’

“I was really surprised and thankful I won prettiest eyes out of the whole school,” Ryder said. “I know so many people with eyes just as pretty or prettier than mine.”

Other awards went to senior David Alcantar and Olivia Kitson for ‘most likely to become an instagram model’ and ‘best smile.’ Junior Peyton Graves also won ‘best smile’’

“I do a little bit of modelling already and I’m really happy people appreciate and recognize that,” Alcantar said. “It’s kind of laughed at sometimes, but that night, I was really proud to do it.”

Then came the couple awards. ‘Most likely to end up in a nursing home together’ was Ryder and junior Chase Thompson. The ‘cutest couple’ went to junior Melanie Slay and senior Dawson Adams.

“I’m really happy to have the support we do from the student body,” Thompson said. “I really do think me and Kenzie will end up together, and I’m glad everyone agrees.”

‘Most athletic’ went to junior Asia Bradley and senior Benito Rivas. ‘Best sisterhood’ went to K.S.N.A.T. (junior Kayleigh Rhodes, junior Sheri Donaldson, senior Nadia Garcia, junior Andrea Garcia and junior Tana Cleveland). ‘Best dressed’ was senior Shalyn Cotton.

“I was absolutely in awe with my dress this year. I loved it,” Cotton said. “I think it was really different and beautiful.”

‘Most likely to succeed’ went to Andrea Garcia and senior James Rodell.

“I’m glad everyone sees how much effort I put into my schoolwork,” Garcia said. “I strive for success and I hope this award turns out to be true.”

‘Most gullible’ went to junior Makayla Gilliam. ‘Most likely to get ID’d when they’re 30’ was Seth Daniel. ‘Most likely to win and lose the lottery ticket’ was, again, Gilliam.

“So the common theme of my awards is that I’m blonde,” Gilliam said. “Well, I guess that wouldn’t be too wrong of an assumption.”

The ‘most sarcastic’ boy and girl went to junior Noah Rubel and senior Kaiden Loep.