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Daniel Rodriguez: The King of Fortnite

Winning football games is not his only forte. Daniel Rodriguez dominates on the football field, but off the field as well, especially on the front line of his favorite video game, Fortnite.

“There is something about the challenge of video games that makes me so competitive,” Junior Daniel Rodriguez said. “It is all about mentality and resilience.”

Rodriguez says that on average, he spends about seven hours a weekend playing the video games. He says that he takes his victories very seriously and will not stop until he wins.

“In today’s society, Fortnite is a very popular game; Everyone is playing it and winning has become an obsession,” Rodriguez said. “The more wins I get, the better I feel.”

Aside from video games, Rodriguez enjoys spending time with his friends on the weekend. He says that he sees his friends like brothers and that they are very close.

“Daniel is a very funny person, always trying to find a way to make people laugh,” Junior Andrew Sotelo said. “He’s always over at my house on the weekends and we just do shenanigans.”

In fact, his friends encouraged him to start something new: baseball. Rodriguez plays for JV this year and has said that he really enjoys the sport.

“He is very determined to excel in the game,” junior Chase Thompson said. “I see a lot of potential in him.”

One of his very hilarious talents is that he can clap with only one hand. It sounds strange but once he shows it is extremely funny.

“I do it all the time to make people laugh,” Rodriguez said. “I just love to mess with people and see their reaction when they see my hidden talent.”