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Student Spotlight: Alvaro Sanchez

Senior Alvaro Sanchez is currently planning to attend Blinn College in Bryan. He hopes to be in the welding program and become a welding teacher once he is out.

“I’ve always like to make things,” Sanchez said. “And welding is a fun way to do that.”

As Sanchez is planning his college career, he knows that he has the support of many of his friends.

“I always try to help Alvaro when he needs it,” senior David Alcantar said. “He is one of my best friend’s, I’m glad that I met him.”

During high school, Sanchez played football where his position was the kicker. He also joined the theater team in his junior year.

“When I joined theater, I was kind of uncertain about it,” Sanchez said. “But now that I have participated in the plays I wish I did it all four years.”

In theatre Sanchez has played in many plays and he has also helped with the sets.

“Alvaro is fun to have in theatre,” senior Lilah Adams said. “He always helps with lines and he always makes everyone smile.”

When he is not at school Sanchez likes to help feed exotic animals for his dad’s boss.

“It’s cool to be around animals that are usually seen in zoos,” Sanchez said. “So I like to do it.”