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Student Spotlight: Erik Sandate

As the cheers and screams get louder and the faces become more clear, sophomore Erik Sandate erases everything but football from his mind and focuses on nothing but the field.

“Football is a major part of my life,” Sandate said. “I’ve been playing since I was younger and it helps me release my anger and frustration.”

After high school Sandate plans on going to welding school. Although he dreams of continuing his high school passion,  Sandate knows when to focus on what he believes as reality.

“Playing football as a career would be amazing, with playing it for many years I’ve grown a large love and appreciation for the sport,” Sandate said. “But, I know there is never really a for-sure chance of playing it as a career, and with football comes a large danger risk; with welding there’s a real chance.”

Sandate is known for his work out on the football field. His knowing he has a large support system behind him no matter the outcome of the game helps his focus on the game and allows him to play without regret.

“My family is my support system,” Sandate said. “They’re behind me in every game; whether I win or lose they’re always there and assure me that there’s always the next game. As long as I try my best and leave my all out on the field I’m happy and so are they.”

With the sport there’s many dangers for the players. There are many chances of something happening out on the field that could damage the player. Things that could affect their everyday life after football.

“Of course playing football you have to know the risks that follow you every game,” Sandate said. “You have to be willing to risk basically your whole normal everyday life to play the game. There are many ways to get hurt on the field; you just have to be careful and think smart.”