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God’s Plan? More like Drake’s plan

With little warning, Drake dropped two new songs on January 19, 2018. They are part of Drake’s new project,“Scary Hours,” the second extended-play recorded by him, and it consists of songs “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.”

The album is about his rise and success in music along with the struggle of people who wish for him to fail. The song isn’t completely focused on those wishing for bad things to befall him. As he looks back on the arc of his career up until this point, he takes a moment to appreciate the people who have helped him.

“God’s Plan,” begins at the very top. The track debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and propelled into the chart’s highest slot on the strength of 82.4 million streams during its first week of availability—a new record.  This song goes back and forth hitting various topics.  One moment, Drake obsesses on those who don’t wish him well. The next, he’s talking about loving his bed and his mom more than anything in the world.

“Diplomatic Immunity”  the later track entered at No. 7 and together the two records generated $851,167. This song was produced by Boi-1da, and it focuses mostly on the pleasures of Drake’s exotic lifestyle and the downside of being an internationally famous performing artist. It is also Drake’s first solo since last summer.

Drake has been known for his autobiographical songs throughout his career. Some have held deep emotional significance; others have been shallow, random and seemingly pointless. This album, however, feels like a little bit of both.