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Student Spotlight: Gunner Ducat

Go Gunner! Go Gunner! Go Gunner!

He’s at every Thursday and Friday game either in a jersey or supporting his team, Gunner Ducat. His main focus has been his grades and football.

“Football is something I am really good at,” Ducat said. “It’s something I love and have been doing for years.”

Ducat was born in Kentucky and has moved around a lot, but he loves living in Buffalo.
One thing Ducat loves about living here is that students are not required to wear uniforms.

“I really like Buffalo because of the people,” Ducat said. “Buffalo is a small school and I’m so glad they don’t make us wear uniforms .”

When Ducat isn’t focused on school, he’s hanging out with his friends or his brother. Ducat likes fishing, playing games and walking around with his friends. Ducat has a little brother who he’s always with: Heyden Ducat.

“I’m pretty close to my brother,” Heyden said. “I know I can go to him when I need him the most.”

Ducat loves many things about Buffalo, but out of all of them his favorite is football. He has been playing football since he was in seventh grade, and is now number 23. He has a real passion for football and never wants to give it up.

“Football means so much to me,” Ducat said. “I’ve played football since I was little, and I look forward to it every season.”

Ducat is indecisive on what college he wants to attend, but he wants to go for his number one passion, football. Ducat wants to spend his life playing football. He really looks forward to playing and making memories every season.

“I’m not sure what college I want to attend I’ve never really thought about it.” Ducat said. “I want to go to college for football, just not sure which one.”