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Student Spotlight: Bailey Weatherford

People ask this certain someone to sing whether it’s in the bathroom, hallways, or just anywhere in school. This person with a gifted voice belongs to none other than Bailey Weatherford.

Bailey is involved in Belles and FFA. She likes FFA because she gets to sing competitions.

“She so talented, and overall a good friend,” sophomore Dean Esposito said. “I think she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to and she is such a talented singer.”

Weatherford moved from Atascocita to Buffalo two years ago. Since she moved, Bailey said that she has made a lot of friends and that everyone in Buffalo is nice. In her opinion, it has been a better experience than at her old school.

“She is a good really person and friend,” sophomore Lexi Hallmark said. “I’m really glad she moved because she has always had my back and has been there for me.”

Bailey is going to Houston to audition for The Voice on February 18. Weatherford is sending a video of her singing and getting a flash pass telling her where she has to be to audition on a specific date, time, and place.

“I don’t know how I’ll do because there is so many more people going to be there,” Weatherford said. “It freaks me out because there could be different people with different voices but I’m ready and excited for this.”