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Cardi B and Bruno Mars Kick it Old School

Bruno Mars releases a new version of his single Finesse. Bruno has chosen to add something special to his trank by collaborating with fellow chart-topper Cardi B for a remixed version of Finesse. Bruno directed the video and dedicated its inspiration to the show ‘In Living Color’ through its neon colors and an all-black cast.

The track screams 90s style beat with a constant drumline along sound effects throughout the whole song. The tempo of the track matches the music video perfectly as the whole setup with the dance moves and wardrobe. Cardi’s motions and vocals ends up fitting the “Finesse” remix video perfectly. She seamlessly merges into the early 90’s recreated by Mars.

The music video was big on color and vertical striped and relaxed in form and texture. It begins with Mars and Cardi B dressed in brightly colored retro outfits, goofing around with paint brushes against a white sheet backdrop. While Mars looks like a kid, grinning, and dancing goofily in the background.