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Student Spotlight: Marissa de la Cruz

A quality that many people wish for is to be an athlete, but for this young and talented student, it is the opposite.  

Marissa de la Cruz is a junior and is known for her kind words and intelligence. De la Cruz has participated in different activities during high school but worries most about her grades. 

“I won’t say that I have all perfect grades, but I do work hard for the grades I receive and I am quite proud of them as well,” de la Cruz said. “My favorite class definitely had to be PHS with Mrs. Isaacs to learn about all the things about FCCLA.”

De la Cruz enjoys her core classes as well as her extracurriculars.

“Marissa always does her work is very helpful in class,” said Algebra teacher Debra White said. “Even when we play something like Kahoot, she participates in it and its nice.”

De la Cruz doesn’t let school interfere with spending time with her friends, however.

“Marissa is one of my closest friends and I think one of the reasons is because she is always the type of person to cheer you up when you’re down,” junior April Johnson said. “There have been many times when I even get stuck on a problem for school and I ask her for an opinion and she always seems to help.”

After high school, de la Cruz intends to go to college and plans to stay really close to her high school friends.

“I have had a great high school experience so far and a big part  of it all has to do with my friends,” de la Cruz said.