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Troye Sivan releases two new singles

Two years after his hit album Blue Neighborhood, Troye Sivan has released two new singles My My My! and The Good Side. Both will be released in his upcoming album that is yet to be announced. My My My! has a hint of 80s influence and an airy uptempo beat mixed with soft vocals.The song is mostly about living and loving whichever way you want. It is more of a fun dancing song you would hear at a party. Meanwhile, The Good Side is a soft acoustic with a bit of an electric buzz. The song depicts an ex-lover realizing that they got the happier and less hurtful side of the breakup. The song is similar to Sivan songs on his last album.

Overall, Sivan has made an amazing comeback. For not releasing anything for two years, he sure made up for it. Both songs can relate to anyone and are a bop to listen to. The only off thing about The Good Side is about halfway into the song, it switches from really soft to really loud, which was unexpected when you’re blasting the song in your headphones